10 Flooring Ideas to Consider for Your New Home

10 Mar 10 Flooring Ideas to Consider for Your New Home


Refurbishing a new home to make it your own is certainly one of the most thrilling, but also intimidating tasks of the moving process. Even though much concentration is often placed on décor and the feel of the home, flooring still plays a crucial part in the look, flair and ambiance of a room. In other words, floor is one of the largest and most important components of any house and has the capability of either breaking or making the desired look. In that regard, going for the right flooring is crucial in turning your house into an absolutely elegant home. Therefore, here are some flooring ideas to consider for your new home.


Industrial rubber flooring is mostly used in commercial interiors. However, they can also be a smart and sleek choice for homes. That’s because rubber is comfy to stand on, durable enough to put up with plenty of mess and abuse and also very easy to clean. In terms of style, rubber can bring an industrial feel or vibe into a room, albeit in a warm muted tone that’s inviting.

Rubber can be superb for entry, a mudroom or even in the kitchen. Rubber floor in a kitchen is a chef’s dream as it’s easy on the feet and can reduce fatigue after many hours of cooking while standing. Similarly, its textural surface is very child-friendly and will reduce slipping hazards and therefor superb for kids room.


Old is gold, so they say. Even though a number of homeowners may be doing away with parquet floors, trendy ones are fitting them anew. Parquets are patterned wood floors that ring visual interest to a home while adding a sense of richness in an energetic and dynamic manner. In fact, parquet offers homeowners a lot of dynamism that traditional straight-laid woods planks can’t match. Parquet flooring adds a classical and high fashion vibe to a home while remaining inexpensive, modern and warm. Parquet is utterly superb for living rooms.


While bamboo flooring is akin to wood flooring in many ways, it brings forth a sensual and peaceful Zen feel to a room. When compared to wood flooring, bamboo flooring is more moisture-resistant and weatherproof than wood flooring. The problem with bamboo flooring is that they are not readily available and have to be shipped from overseas, which can at times be quite expensive if you are on a budget. Nonetheless, it’s a superb option to consider for your floor as it is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms and dining rooms.


Similar to bamboo flooring, cork flooring can be a great option as it is developed sustainably from the outer layer of the oak tree, thus is an environment-friendly flooring option. On top of being water-resistant, cork has a natural springiness making it warm, extra comfortable, very quiet and soft to walk on. It also has a unique visual texture, which is almost similar to wood, but with a captivating twist.

In essence, cork flooring is inexpensive, brings a friendly vibe to a room and works gorgeously with sleek modern spaces. It’s very harmonious, hence great for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.


Concrete or stone flooring may come off as an invite for cold, but they’re unmatched for their beauty, durability and versatility. Concrete or stone flooring will not only suit various tastes and personalities, but can also be modified, stained or tinted to offer various vibes. These are materials that can, for centuries, handle wear and tear even in an auto factory, thus very great in handling kids, sharp heels and of course, pets. They can be excellent for basically any part of the house, but consider them for
kitchens, bathrooms and foyers.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Made of 12 layers of plywood mixed with hardwood veneer, engineered hardwood flooring is moisture-resistant and can be an outstanding option when fitted on top of low-humidity concrete floor. Consider it for kitchens, bathroom and living rooms.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

As one of the most common flooring type in North America and Europe, solid hardwood flooring is made of wood planks from temperate deciduous trees such as oak, maple and birch. They’re ultimately easy to work with, are much denser than pine wood flooring and can withstand stains. They’re, however, not a proper option for watery surfaces such as the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room, so consider it for living rooms, foyers and dining rooms.


Undoubtedly the softest type of flooring on this list, carpeting can be a great option for your floor especially if you want something that’s very thick and luxurious. Carpets are mostly made of natural animal fibers such as wool and silk, but there are also synthetic fibers carpets made of nylon and acrylic. Some carpets are also made of plant materials such as sea grass, hemp, rush, coir and sisal. You should, therefore, consider carpeting for either your bedroom or living room.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are very durable and water-resistant. In terms of keeping water out of your floor, ceramic tile are far much better than any other type of flooring on this list. That’s why they are your go-to-guy for your kitchen, bathrooms and foyer and also if you live in an area with flooding problems.


Made out of clay, terracotta is typically warmer than stone or concrete. The best part of this type of flooring is that it gives you the option of various colors, textures, shapes and sizes. However, you’ll have to choose properly sealed terracotta materials so as to avoid water and stain problems. They’re fantastic for foyers, bedrooms and dining rooms.

In Conclusion

As you can see, choosing the right flooring for a given room in your home is never an easy task or decision. It’s undoubtedly a process that will call into perspective a lot of careful thinking, practicality and your personal taste. But with the above ideas, you bhave a nice platform to start and have great option on what to work with. However, take clues from your daily life and figure out what style and materials works best for you. After all, the floor of your home is what holds you, your family and friends together.

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