A Hassle Free Move – What You Need to Know

25 Mar A Hassle Free Move – What You Need to Know

moving-estimateIf you’re faced with the task of moving then you might be familiar with the concerns of packing efficiently to ensure that moving in your new place is as trouble free as possible. One of the biggest problems people encounter when moving is knowing which box to open first and finding the things that you need without having to sort through numerous boxes. A hassle free move can be easy, if you follow these simple tips.

The solution? Create an “Open First” box as you pack so that when you begin unpacking, you will have all the basic necessities you need on hand and accessible right from the beginning.
But what should you put in your “Open First” box? To help you get started, we put together this handy list of items from each room that you will probably need when you first move in. You can use this as a guide for packing your “Open First” box to make the transition into your new home a lot less stressful and much more organized!
From the Kitchen
After moving in, one of the first items on the agenda will probably be to take a break and maybe to have a meal to restore your energy. Be sure to include the following items from your kitchen:
• A bottle of water
• Paper plates and utensils
• A roll of paper towels or napkins
• Some refreshments like snacks or cookies
• A bottle of sparkling wine or other twist-off drink to relax with!
• Disposable cups
• A bottle of all purpose cleaning spray
• Instant coffee or other drink you can put in the refrigerator for the morning!
From the Bathroom
hassle-free-moveAfter moving, you’ll probably also want to take a shower and freshen up so you should have some items from your bathroom that you can access without having to tear through boxes. Include the following:
• A roll of toilet paper
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• A hand towel and bath towel
• Shower curtain and shower curtain liner
• Soap
• Shampoo and conditioner
• Deodorant
• Razor and shaving cream
• Other toiletries you use on a daily basis/ makeup
• Hair dryer
From the Bedroom
After moving in, you’ll likely be tired and will look forward to getting a good nights sleep. Don’t forget to include these essentials to prepare for that:
• Clean sheets, a blanket or quilt, and pillows
• Comfortable clothes to sleep in
• Alarm clock
• A book to help you wind down before falling asleep
Other Basics From Around the House
There may be some other items you will need for the following day that will make the rest of the move so much easier. Don’t forget to include:
• The charger for your phone
• An extension cord
• A change of clothing
• Comfortable shoes
• Tip money for the moving team!
Make sure that your “Open First” box is distinguishable from the rest of your boxes and perhaps use colored masking tape or colored markers to be sure it doesn’t get lost amongst the rest of your boxes. You’ll find moving into a new place a whole lot easier and less stressful by following this piece of advice and you can rest assured knowing where your basic necessities are too! Happy moving!!

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