Cleaning Before Moving to Your New Home – An Easy Check List


15 Mar Cleaning Before Moving to Your New Home – An Easy Check List


If moving out of a home a daunting experience, but cleaning your new home before moving could be a total nightmare if simple planning is not made. Follow this easy check-list of things-to-do to ensure that your home is squeaky clean before you move in:

1. Get the appropriate cleaning supplies like cleaning cloths, scrubbers, disinfectants, glass cleaners, white vinegar, polish, gloves etc.

2. Prepare and clean the stuff you will take with you as soon as possible as it will make your work easier later while unpacking into your new home.

3.Wait until everything has been packed into the moving truck before you start thorough cleaning for a more efficient clean.

4. Start cleaning from top to bottom and back to front to avoid repeating.

5. Do the dry cleaning tasks first like dusting, sweeping and vacuuming to make cleaning easier.

General requirements for move out cleaning

1. Touch up the walls by removing nails, hooks and screws that you had installed and conceal the holes and any other visible dents being careful to leave no stains or smudges

2.Wash the windows, mirrors and glass surfaces, nor forgetting the blinds and window sills.

3. Remove all cobwebs, dust all the surfaces and vacuum the drapes and upholstery.

4. Clean the light fixtures; lampshades, ceiling fans, and dust the switches and electricity outlets.

5. Clean the fireplace by removing ashes and debris.

6. Empty the dustbins and dispose off all the trash.


Empty and wipe clean all the cabinets and drawers and replace the liners when the surfaces are fully dry.

Clean and disinfect counter tops noting to remove any mold, stains and residues.

Clean and shine all the glass elements- windows, doors, cases and tabletops.

Thoroughly clean the sinks and faucets, drop lemon slices, salt and ice cubes in the garbage can to remove accumulated grime and odors.

Ensure all appliances being left behind are empty and clean, move them and clean the areas where they stood.

Finish by sweeping and mopping the floor.


Scrub the tiles and grout using a suitable cleaner and leave them shining.

Clean the bath tub and fixtures, shower rod and head plus enclosure ensuring to remove scum and mold.

If need be wash the shower curtain. Clean all the glass surfaces to leave them sparkling.

Wash the sinks ensuring to get out the mold and stains even in unreachable areas.

Wipe the racks, toothbrush holders and soap dishes. Remove everything from the cabinets and clean them inside out.

Clean and sanitize the toilet bowl, seat and tank. Wipe the tissue holder.

Clean all vents and exhaust fans.Mop the bathroom floor.

Bedroom and Living room

Clean all the windows, window sills, frames, glass panels, casings curtains and blinds.

Clean sliding doors from the inside out.

Wipe all the vents and air conditioners.

Clean the fireplace and if needed, replace the filler.

Empty and clean all the wardrobes, drawers and closets from the inside out.

Clean and polish the furniture.

Wash the area rugs and mop the floors.

Cleaning your home before moving can be extremely exhausting, you may want to consider hiring professional moving and relocation services to do the job more efficiently and save you the time and strain.

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