Discover the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry


10 Oct Discover the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry


If you are planning a trip to Oregon, a great way to understand the evolution American technology is by visiting the Oregon Museum of Science and Technology. Located in Portland, Oregon, the museum is home to some of the most significant collections of the past, present and even the future technologies. The museum serves over one million visitors per year, and the number is expected to rise in the coming years.

Founded in 1896, the museum started with the general exhibition of Oregon’s valuable natural resources. However with the Great Depression and World War II, the museum experienced a rather slow growth, and it was not until 1944 when it received significant investment and ever since it has become one of the states most important museums.


Exhibits and Attractions

So why should you visit the Oregon Museum of Science and Technology? Well, the museum provides an immersive experience with exhibits that weave themselves together into a cohesive and interesting narrative. In the main collection you will find:


  1. USS Blueback Submarine

Visitors have the indelible opportunity to take a tour in the USS Blueback submarine. The submarine was purchased by the museum in 1994 and is the last non-nuclear powered submarine constructed by the United Sates Navy. In fact, the submarine appeared in a 1990 film, “The Hunt for Red October.”


  1. Planetarium

Those who love astronomy will get the experience of their lives at the Harry C. Kendall Planetarium, a premiere resource for inspiring the next generation of space explorers.


  1. Turbine Hall

The museum has a hall solely dedicated to engineering and space travel. The building has a chemistry lab where visitors will experience firsthand chemical reaction demonstrations. The hall also has a physics section where visitors can find the Van de Graaf generator, magnets and motion sensors. Exhibits for space travel are found in the Vernier Technology Lab where visitors can interact with technologies such as artificial intelligence, robots and computers.


  1. Life Sciences Hall

Exhibits on biology are found in the Life Sciences Hall. This includes the aging machine; which is a software that allows visitors to take a picture of themselves and then gives them an insight of how they would look when they are old. Moreover, there is an exhibit of preserved fetus from the early stage of development to full development.


  1. Science Playground

The science playground is a part of the museum designed for families and children. The area is supposed to cultivate creativity and innovation in children at the same time providing fun and entertainment. It features science exhibits, reading areas and an infant area.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry has a universal appeal. Next time you are in Oregon, make a point of visiting the museum so that you can have a first-hand experience of the site.


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