Getting to Know The Pearl District in Northwest Portland


04 Oct Getting to Know The Pearl District in Northwest Portland

pearl-district-portlandFormerly occupied by warehouses, Pearl District is a now known for its art galleries, prominent businesses, and stylish residential properties. Just recently the district was voted number five by Forbes magazine as best “hipster neighborhood.” Pearl District is vibrant and has a couple of activities that will satisfy every desire. Whether it is shopping or play for the young ones, galleries, parks as well as culinary delights, the district has activities that can suit all ages and preferences.


The art galleries

Pearl district’s art galleries are open on evenings, every first Thursday of the month for music, art, and refreshments. So if you are an art lover be sure to check out this amazing display of art which mostly happens from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Some of the galleries you can check out when visiting Pearl District are Annie Meyer Gallery, J. Pepin Art Gallery, Blackfish Gallery, Pearl Gallery & Framing and Lara Sydney Framing Gallery.


Parks in Pearl District

  • Jamison Square:  Making pearl district the ideal location for a family as well as older people, Jamison Square  has a fountain that makes it a fun place for children to play as you watch them from a tree-shaded lawn – especially good in the summer.
  • Tanner Springs Park: This park has tranquility and is set to emulate wetlands that once existed there.


Restaurants in Pearl District

You can also enjoy fine wine and dine in 5-star hotels, among the restaurants;

  • Bridgeport brew pub: This bar gives you the taste of Portland’s brewing history; the restaurant has well-made dishes just like the beer leaving your taste buds yearning for more. The pub also has a signature dish macaroni and cheese. So when you visit pearl district be sure to check out this restaurant and don’t forget to have a taste of the beer.
  • Coppia: This eatery focuses mostly on Italian cuisines, the eatery gets its ingredients from Pacific Northwest region, and they give traditional dishes a new modern taste.
  • Meriwethers: Looking for a romantic get-away, then Meriwethers is the place to be. The restaurant has a romantic setting and offers a farm-to-table experience.


Getting there:

Once in pearl district, there are several ways one can move around:

  • Bus: This is convenient way to move around the district, and it is public transport available for all. Be sure to take the Bolt-Bust, easy and affordable.
  • Bike: Motorists are friendly to the cyclists, so it is a safe and convenient way to move around the district. You can get a rental bike, and this is an excellent way to explore the city. Here’s an interactive map of all bike routes in Portland and surroundings.
  • Streetcars: One can also use Porland Sreetcars, which are a modern way of transport in Pearl District and are easily found on most routes.

Pearl District, has so much to offer from entertainment to fitness clubs and fine eateries. So do not miss out, make a plan and enjoy the diverse beauty and culture of people in Pearl District in Northwest Portland.

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