How Much Should I Budget for Utilities After Moving?

11 Apr How Much Should I Budget for Utilities After Moving?

Resultado de imagen para budget planningBefore you make the move to a new house or apartment, you’ll need to build a budget that includes your estimated costs for that move. One of the areas that’s commonly overlooked is utility costs. However, you’ll want to make sure that your new place is within your budget. Although utility costs vary, this advice can be used to plan a budget for utilities.

Analyze Current Costs

How much electricity, water, and gas do you use at your current place? Taking a look at these numbers will give you an idea of how much you use and will help to provide an estimate for your new home. Make sure to consider that a large change in the size of the home will either decrease or increase your usage.

For more precise estimations, consider dividing the square feet of your current space by your usage and then multiply that number by the square feet of your new space. Contact utility companies for your new place and ask for their rates. This information can be used to provide an estimate for what you’ll be paying.

Electricity Costs

Different companies calculate electricity using various factors but there are a few principles that can be used to determine your costs. The size of the house or apartment is a large factor. Do you have an outdoor lighting that needs electricity? Also, consider the appliances in the home. High efficiency and newer appliances will require less energy. Contact your electrical company to see if they have “peak use” times and charge more for energy usage during these hours.

Oil and Gas

Depending on your area of the country, you’re going to have different heating needs. Consider the cost of your current gas bill and your average cost per month. You can also contact the gas or oil company and ask for the average cost for the prior owner or resident. The insulation of the home will also vary your costs and may positively or negatively affect your usage.

Water Bills

Once again, your costs are going to vary depending on your own usage as well as the efficiency of your appliances. Use your monthly water bill per month and add or decrease based on any changes in appliances or other variables. Cable and Internet When you switch homes, it’s an opportunity to make changes to your subscriptions. Shop around for plans in your area to determine if you can decrease your costs. This utility is one that’s fairly easy to budget for as it will likely have a fixed cost.

Budgeting for a move can be stressful but you can get a better idea of your expenses with these utility budget tips. Use this advice to get a good estimate of your needs.

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