Planning a Residential Move – A Practical Guide

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25 Jan Planning a Residential Move – A Practical Guide

Planning a Residential Move

Moving to a new residence can be an exciting experience, but preparing for the move comes with its own set of challenges. Regardless of the distance, a move requires a lot of work to pack your items, transport them and heave them into your new premises. It’s crucial to work with professional movers as they can help in many ways. However, preparation is the key to ensuring your move costs less, won’t take longer than it should and is much less stressful. A few tips should help you get the best out of working with professional movers.

Inform the relevant authorities

Even before you start packing, find out what needs to be done to ensure a smooth moving process. Find out whether you need to inform local authorities about your move, especially if parking restrictions are in place outside your old or new addresses. Depending on where you’re moving in or out off, familiarize yourself with moving rules such as designated moving hours which can cause major complications.


One of the best ways to reduce time spent on packing and overall moving costs is to reduce the amount of stuff you have to move. Many of us hold onto things we don’t even need. So try to get rid of the excess baggage.

Know what can and can’t be moved

For safety and liability reasons, most moving companies will recommend that you transport some important items on your own. Such items may include pets, firearms,  important paperwork, cash, medication and important documents. Moreover, some movers will not transport items such as paints, chemicals and liquids, so it helps to seek clarifications before the day of the move.

Get your packing done

Before the moving day, determine whether you’ll pack your own stuff or the movers will be responsible for packing and unpacking. The latter option is likely to cost you more but if you elect to do your own packing, make sure everything is well packed and labeled before the big day. That means boxes should be filled, taped up and ready to be loaded onto the truck by the time the movers show up. Be sure to use sufficient bubble wrap, blankets or newspaper for padding to reduce the chances of breakage during transportation.

Label everything

Have clear labels showing the contents of the boxes and where within your new home they should go. It’s also important to show your movers the rooms based on the labels. In the case of valuable and fragile items, make sure they’re clearly labeled. Also, let your movers know what items they should handle with extreme care.

Prepare your appliances

Disconnect all your appliances- like your washer/dryer, refrigerator or anything connected to the major utility. Have light fittings removed by a qualified electrician and if items of furniture need to be dismantled, remember to keep everything safe.

Schedule your move

Be sure to call the mover in advance so that everything is set for the move. You may arrange for the movers to visit your home before the moving day to assess your capacity and determine how much time, resources and workforce you’ll need to move your items safely.

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