Portland, a Paradise From Farm to Table Foodies


12 Aug Portland, a Paradise From Farm to Table Foodies

a745fc56e634c1164485955427846f40The fast growing quest for healthy eating is leading to a farm-to-table trend all over the country. In Portland, it’s not a trend but a norm. Here, both local residents and local restaurants take advantage of the nearby abundance of organic farms, orchards, and vineyards. The city boasts of over a hundred farmers’ markets too. The thriving farming culture surrounding Portland and its environs supplies all these markets and restaurants with enough fresh produce. The city provides a home to both new and old owners of family farms.

The Culture

For anyone who wishes to own or start a family farm, Portland is an excellent place. First, there is the expertise: over the years, the culture and the numerous farms here have collectively grown an ample technical know-how on organic farming, from how and when to grow different foods profitably to sustainable farming practices. The collective knowledge here is unmatched by any other city or state. Besides, the farming takes hobbyist and passion approach, resident farmers have meetups and are open and willing to share information. This culture will entrench love for and knowledge in farming into your family fast and seamlessly.

The Market

A market is the ultimate determinant of the viability of any farming venture. In Portland, the farmers’ markets and restaurants will provide you with a ready market for your produce. The city has grown and nurtured a reputation for fresh farm products in which both residents and visitors to the city delight. The city hosts many tourists and foodies whose primary attraction is the freshness and variety of the food. Alternatively, you can bring the table to the farm as it often happens. Many farms host their dinners with long tables laden with food grown only meters away from the tables. Diners are always looking forward to these dinners.

Your home of organic, healthy, locally sourced food

You might be the type that likes organic and healthy foods that are sourced locally for freshness. While owning a family farm is a solution, it is difficult and impractical to grow everything that you consume. It is for this reason that you will be looking to move into a locality that offers you readily available fresh and organic locally sourced food. Portland, Oregon is going to be your perfect home.

Numerous farms characterize the city’s surroundings

The farmers here are known to grow their foods with less chemical intervention. Various research institutions in the city specialize in farming research, they provide the farmers around with proven knowledge of best agricultural practices and cutting edge advice of organic methods that are both productive and environmentally friendly. With such a culture, Portland is arguably the country’s leader in the production of natural and healthy food.

Most of the farm’s food ends up in the city’s farmers’ markets and restaurants

The proximity of the farms to the city is an assurance that the restaurants and markets will serve you with fresh food. The farms, numerous and extensive, exhibit a wide variety of foods all year round. You can be sure that the fresh food in the market has originated from the town’s surrounding.

Noteworthy is the storage practices

The 80,000-square-foot campus opened in 2016 by Ecotrust, a Portland-based environmental research firm, is one of the numerous food storage facilities in the city. Although others are much smaller, they all operate on the same principle of providing food producers with a central cold storage warehouse of products. The products stay here until they are ready for distribution. With such practices, the freshness of food is guaranteed and food poisoning unheard a non-issue.

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