Portland Offers Seafood Paradise for New Residents


22 Sep Portland Offers Seafood Paradise for New Residents

downloadPortland in Oregon is an excellent destination for gastronomical delights, especially seafood. The Pacific Ocean towards its west is the source of fresh fisheries, and it is therefore, not surprising that eateries here offer different fares that are based on well loved sea food cuisines.

Here is a list of four such seafood eateries that new residents in this city should make it a point to try out.

Asian seafood eateries:

  1. Bamboo Sushi

This Asian eatery is located at 836, NW Twenty Third Avenue.

Obviously, this is the place for Sashimi, nigiri, isuzukuri, and Sushi. The menu includes indigenized versions such as salmon, and tuna nigiri. Shishito peppers, bonito flakes, Sapporo beer, scallop sushis, are other popular options. There are vegan options as well, but this is not a place for chicken dishes or steak, even though it offers burgers.

The place has a great oriental ambience though a tad noisy. The courteous staff members, however, are friendly and more than make up for that noise.

You would need to have reservation upfront otherwise the waiting period can be fairly long.

  1. Powell’s Seafood Restaurant

This Chinese sea food eatery is located at 6633, SE Powell Boulevard.

The food here is not essentially sea food, but seafood mixed with different kinds of meat. You should try walnut prawns, minced pork, pork chops that are sweet yet sour, dried fish, mapo tofu, pea shoots that are sautéed, Cantonese lamb, stews, calamari, and soups.

Costs here won’t burn your pocket, when compared to many other seafood eateries. There is very little here for vegetarians and vegans, so you might want to consider that, if you are bringing a vegetarian or vegan guest. The ambience is friendly and relaxing. The service is quick, so you save a lot of time. Parking depends upon when you arrive here.

Important to note, Powell’s has stellar rankings & review of Yelp, Google My Business, and Trip Advisor.

Western food eateries:

  1. Southpark Seafood

This eatery is located at 901, SW Salmon Street.

In this eatery you just have to try the clam chowder, grits and spicy shrimps, oysters, Dungeness crab, salmon, apart from fish tacos, pizzas, tuna sandwiches, salmon burgers, soups with clams, shrimp salads, steel head, albacore, etc., apart from vegetarian options such as salads, and excellent desserts and drinks.

This American seafood eatery offers gluten free meals as well. This is one of the few such eatery you could come to for vegan fare.

The staff is friendly and the ambience good. You could find it a bit pricey, but you can reduce costs by opting for the happy hour meals.

  1. Jake’s Famous Crawfish

It is located at 401, SW Twelfth Avenue in Portland.

This is for American Cajun or Creole sea food dishes and Northwestern preparations. The list includes crab, crawfish appetizers, clam chowder, seafood bisque, chunky salmon, crawfish penne, “horse radish crusted salmon”, and trout.

You can get gluten free meals, vegetarian preparations and a variety of soups, apart from sea food. The food is excellent, especially the etouffee. This eatery is also a bar that serves excellent drinks.

The ambience is great and the staff courteous. It is best to have a reservation to dine here.

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