Summer Showers Got You Down? 3 Things To do on Rainy Portland Days


23 Aug Summer Showers Got You Down? 3 Things To do on Rainy Portland Days

4290069830_f548e8700eSummer is one of the most anticipated times because of the favorable weather. However, the weather is not always favorable, this is especially true in Portland, Oregon, where the weather often varies from hot sunny days, with average temperatures of 80 degrees, to gloomy rainy days.

Portland is naturally a wet region. The average annual rainfall is 38 inches. Every year, the city has at least 155 rainy days. Additionally, the weather is sometimes foggy and gloomy, thus reducing visibility. To the residents of Portland, these variable weather patterns of sunny days and summer showers are normal. However, to an outsider or a newcomer, the unpredictable weather, especially the gloomy rainy days, may ruin the day or mood. Most of you know that any activity in the cold rains of summer is not fun. Therefore, you have to seek a pleasant activity to keep you happy and improve your moods during the rainy days. This article discusses 3 things to do on rainy Portland days.

Join the Portland Brew Bus

Assuming you have attained the legal drinking age and enjoy occasional drinking, one of the most pleasant activities, for you, would be the Portland brew bus. The brew bus tour is available for 360 days in a year. However, the best days to go for the tour are the weekends, when most people are available. During the rainy summer weekends, you can enjoy a trip to three or four of Portland’s breweries. In the breweries, you can sample up to 25 different types of fresh beer. In addition, the tour guides provide historical information about beer brewing and Portland. You can be sure by the end of the trip, you will have learned about the different styles of beers and the craft of brewing. Drinkers will not be disappointed, as they would get the chance to live the ‘beer dream’.

rainydayVisit Portland Art Museums

During the rainy, summer days, an indoor trip to the Portland art museum could improve your mood greatly. Founded in 1892, the Art Museum is a historic destination, with a collection of over 42000 unique objects. The Portland Art Museum is internationally renowned for its collection of special exhibits that focus on culture, diversity, and religion of different communities. The Museum occasionally rotates its collectible exhibits in a bid to avoid monotony. As such, visitors are often exposed to different exhibits, thus making it an interesting place to visit. The 112, 000 square feet gallery, with a variety of ancient artifacts may keep you occupied all day and make you forget the gloomy rainy weather.

A Trip to the Pittock Mansion

Constructed in 1909, the Pittock Mansion is a Chateau located in the West Hills of Portland. The house is historically significant to Portland because it was the home of Henry and Georgiana Pittock, the founders of Portland. The uniquely decorated mansion is also of interest because it was at the core of a political fiasco, between the City Council of Portland and the Pittocks. Apparently, Pittock had constructed the Mansion using public funds and this led to tension between the Pittocks and Will Daly, a member of the city council. In 1964, after the death of the Pittocks, the City of Portland acquired the mansion. Currently, it is open to the public. As a visitor, you can hike or drive to the location of the mansion and enjoy the beauty of Mansion, which was once owned by Portland’s pioneers.


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