The Tipping Point – Should You Tip Your Movers?


11 Jan The Tipping Point – Should You Tip Your Movers?

Tip Your Movers - What you need to know

When you hire the right mover, you will always feel that they have given you great value for your money. So, you will often feel that giving them a tip is in order; and here is how you go about this.

When to Tip

Without exception, tipping your mover should be based on how good a job they do during their assignment. There are movers you will genuinely feel that they have gone over and beyond to make sure your move went well. Though not a golden rule as it is with restaurant servers, tipping moving professionals is certainly advisable.

Who to Tip

When it comes to giving a tip, remember to see the difference people who are doing the actual physical work and the company. The tip is for the moving company employees who have personally gone beyond the call of duty to ensure your moving needs have all been met; not the moving company.

What to Tip

The size of the tip should be determined by the amount of extra effort the movers put into the job. For instance, if your furniture was a little harder to move due to size or physical obstacles along the way such as stairs and tricky doorways, then the tip should be greater than the tip given because the movers did a great job in general.

The tip should also be between 5% and 10% of the moving cost, to be divided among those directly involved in the task. For example, if you have a group of movers doing the job for you for $2,000, you can give $200 to the person in charge of them all and he/she can distribute the tip to the others. However, if you have two groups of movers, you can split the tip into two and give each group a 100-dollar tip.

In all circumstances, however, make sure the movers have done something that is beyond the services the moving company would typically provide under the circumstances before giving the tip.  For instance, if the movers were willing to take up more of their time than necessary to be extra careful with the furniture, then a tip would be in order.

When Not To Tip

For the movers to earn a tip, they should do a good job and act in a professional manner. That means that they have demonstrated respect and care when handling your things. They should also have addressed any concerns you might have had during the move.

A tip does not necessarily mean that they did a perfect job. Something may have still gone wrong during the process since nobody is perfect. However, how they responded to the problem can be used to determine if they deserve a tip or not.

For instance, something might have gotten misplaced during the move; and if the movers genuinely helped you find it, you can go ahead and give them a tip for the extra concern they showed.

Nevertheless, if you end up having a couple of negative things to say about the mover; and are not convinced they even met what should fairly be expected of them under the circumstances; then a tip is not necessary.

On Providing Food and Refreshments

This is of course completely optional, and always a welcome gesture, even bottles of drinking water are appreciated. If the move also takes up a lunch hour or any other mealtime, a food item is most appreciated.

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