Things to Do On Your First Day in Your New Home

30 Mar Things to Do On Your First Day in Your New Home

The first day in your new home is crucial as it can set the tone of the rest of the days you live there. It is important to have a checklist that will help you settle in more more quickly after the mental exhaustion and physical fatigue of moving as you are still unfamiliar with your new

1. Welcome yourself
Allow yourself some minutes to recognize and congratulate yourself, after which you get practical. If your belongings have been delivered at the same time of your arrival, you should inspect them against your moving inventory list to ensure nothing is lost, and check the furniture for damage. Also check if the fragile items are intact. Have all the furniture and large items be placed in their respective places and all cartons taken to their respective rooms.
If you arrive before your belongings are delivered, you will only have your essential box with you which should contain basic necessities. if you have some cleaning supplies in the box, you have a chance to clean while your home is still empty. It is important to have your new home cleaned thoroughly before moving in.
2. Unpack your ‘essentials’ box
This contains the basic items you may need soon after getting into your new home, like toiletries, basic tools and cleaning supplies, bedding, medications, essential electronics, a lamp, your child’s favorite toy or storybook if applicable, a set of clothes, plus snacks and drinks.
3. Plan for a good rest
Set up the beds as soon as possible and have them ready for your first night. If your items are not yet delivered, you will have to use an air mattress.
After the beds are set up, you need to set up the bathroom, towels, toiletries, hang the shower curtain and set up everything for a nice bath.
4. Plan for a meal
It is unlikely that you will have time to arrange your utensils and cook, just ensure that you have some basic utensils for your first meal. You may opt to eat out instead of having food delivered, either way, it’s wise to know nearby restaurants and have their contacts to avoid the search once you are ready for dinner.
5. Ensure the kids and pets are comfortable
You can do this by providing their favorite snacks and drinks, offering their favorite toys, keep them busy as you do the unpacking and setting up and ensure to re-establish their normal routine as soon as possible. Remember to ensure their safety by keeping them away from the chaos that come with moving.
6. Get a good night sleep
This is important to refresh and replenish your energy to face the new world in the morning.
Do not push yourself too hard after moving in to your new home, settling in will take time. Only focus on the most important issues, take a break and spend quality time with your family and get to know your new neighbors.

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