Why a Cheap Moving Quote Can Be a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


20 Jan Why a Cheap Moving Quote Can Be a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

A moving company can be your best partner when you want to move safely. Moving may require expertise in packing certain items, and relocating them safely to your destination. Without the helping hand of a seasoned professional,  moving may come with disadvantages and regrets.

Untrained people like your friends and family do not always have the right skills to execute moving. They might not know how to pack the delicate items or how to pick up certain heavy furniture, putting both objects and wellbeing at stake.

Those who do hire a moving service, but look for the lowest cost also put themselves at risk. Here are some reasons why:

  • Inexpensive moving companies usually equate to lack of expertise, experience, and general warranty.  
  • Cheap services may rush things, thus putting your items at the risk of being misplaced or broken.
  • Cheap moving companies do not have adequate vehicles to move your items. They may be ill-equipped with less spacious truck, making it more expensive and a lengthier move since they might have to relay several times.
  • Cheap moving companies do not insure their staff. This means that if a staff member gets injured during the relocation process by any of your items the state can sue you, and this, can be a nightmare.
  • Cheap moving companies tend to be informal about contracts, and not having a contractual deal closed before a move, may end up in an incomplete service with many mishappens.
  • Cheap moving companies might not be fully transparent about costs. After the move is done, they might claim other fees that were not within your financial planning.

To avoid, mishappens, be wary of the most inexpensive “company’s” out there. Shop around, peruse their online reputation, and make sure there is clear communication with the service provider before the actual move.

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