Moving During the Week or During the Weekend?

01 Apr Moving During the Week or During the Weekend?

Moving day When you are planning to move to a new home, one of the difficult decisions you have to make is the day to do so. You can decide to move during the weekdays or during the weekend. There are several factors you need to put into consideration in order to decide the best option for you. Here are some of the top reasons you should move during the weekdays instead ofweekend.

More expensive

It is more expensive to move during the weekends because of high demand of the moving companies. Most people are free during the weekends, so this is when they decide to relocate. Therefore, you can expect that the movers will not be lenient when it comes to pricing. They do not have the time for price negotiations since they are usually busy. By moving during the weekdays, you are likely to get better deal because the movers have empty slots in their working schedule.

Less convenient

During the weekends, most people are usually free, so you can expect that there is high traffic on the roads. This will cause you more trouble especially if you are moving a long distance. Therefore, there will be delays and other form of inconveniences that might lead to time wastage. During the weekdays most people are at work, so there is less traffic leading to less inconvenience during the moving process.

High risks of making mistakes

If you decide to move during the weekends, you stand high chances of making costly mistakes in the process. Since the movers are busy and might have more clients to help, they might rush you in the moving process. Therefore, you might make mistakes as you pack some of your items leading to damages or even forget some important items. However, during the weekdays, the movers have all the time so you will undergo through the entire moving process in a relaxed manner, thus reducing risks of such costly mistakes.

Less number of movers to choose

As mentioned earlier, movers are usually busy during the weekends, thus you are limited on your selection because of their availability. It might cause you a lot of stress and hassle because most of them are booked. However on a weekday, they are readily available, so you have wide range of options to select and compare from and get the best deal in the process.

Bottom line

Even as you plan to move during the weekday, make sure you plan early to ensure that everything move smoothly and enjoy the benefits  involved.

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