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As a leader among local moving companies Moda is dedicated to providing services throughout Portland. Our local movers are ready and willing to help you. Take a look below at some of our local service areas.






Local Movers Portland –  Moda Moving®

At Moda Moving® we draw upon decades of experience to re-invent ourselves as a modern, better moving company, 100% dedicated to our customers, our employees and our Portland community.

As a leader among local moving companies Moda Moving®, a full-service moving and storage company, provides dependable local moving services for Portland and surrounding communities. As the premiere local movers Portland has to offer we are committed to our customers and have an amazing team of motivated, hard working moving professionals, making us the mover of choice for many families and business in the greater Portland area.

Looking for local moving companies? Moda Moving’s Local Movers Portland are here to help!

Local moving is generally regarded as a simpler, easier move than an interstate or international one. Thus, many families feel it’s easy enough for them to manage on their own. However, the effort required on their part is often the same as with a long distance move.  Everything has to be properly packed, loaded and unloaded, regardless of the distance the goods will travel.  Considering the time, effort and resources needed even for a local move, working with leader among local moving companies is a faster, simpler and often, even a more economical option.

Why Moda Moving® –  Local Movers Portland

Unlike other local moving companies at Moda Moving, our business is not just about hauling stuff from here to there for a fee. Sure, it is about that, but also so much more.  For our local movers Portland, it’s about doing their best every single time.  It’s about using our experience to minimize your effort and help make your moving day a bit, or a lot easier. And it is about creating long lasting impressions and life-long customers.

» Professional Local Movers Portland

Every single employee at Moda Moving undergoes rigorous training to be able to handle his/her job with proficiency every single time. From moving a grand piano, to getting a sofa through the door, to the “right” way to pack, to an accurate estimate, our local movers portland have the skills to do it, and do it right.

» Complete Customer Satisfaction

As a leader among local moving companies Moda Moving’s goal is to provide our customers with 100% customer satisfaction, we strive to make every move the best it can be. Our operational focus on continuous review of our performance through surveys, emails and personal communications allows us to continuously improve our processes and address all issues immediately. We are happy to say that our customer base is extraordinarily pleased with Moda Moving services and serve as our best ambassadors in promoting our moving services.

» Help with planning your move

When it comes to planning your move, at Moda Moving we do all the hard work.  Our dedicated moving coordinators will work closely with you to prepare a moving plan that suits your needs and budget. They are in constant touch with the customer and coordinate every detail – preparing the estimate, determining the best team and vehicle for the job, managing the crew during the move, addressing all customer’s questions and concerns, gathering feedback and more.  Enjoy the ride and let us worry about the many details of your move!

» Cost effective local movers

With a long history of moving,  at Moda, we have learned a thing or two. We have learned how training increases productivity, so we can offer cost-effective services, without cutting corners. We have learned how impressing our customers gets us quality referrals, so we can spend less on advertising. We have learned how valuing our employees makes them more invested in our company, and your move.

Contact us today to find out more about our local movers Portland and how we became a leader among local moving companies.

Local Movers Portland – Areas we serve: Portland and the surrounding communities, for local and interstate moves.

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