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box tape moving company in Oregon
Must Have Items for Moving Day

Many things can go wrong when moving – stuff breaks, help is late, or the kids decide this is the perfect day to throw a tantrum. While you can never know for sure what the day will have in store for you, here’re some items...

moving day moving company in Oregon
7 Mistakes to Avoid on Moving Day

Moving can be a stressful experience, but avoiding a few common pitfalls can reduce or eliminate moving day stress. 1. Calling a mover last minute Ideally, you should call your mover six to eight weeks ahead of your anticipated moving day, especially if you are planning to...

b madrids photographer marathon moving company in Oregon
The Real Cost of Relocating for Your Job

In today’s dynamic job market, relocating for a new job or as a result of a transfer with an existing employer, it’s becoming more and more the norm. This is especially true for individuals looking to advance and accelerate their careers. More than one in...

How to pack dishes for moving moving company in Oregon
How to pack dishes when moving

Do you know that the correct way to pack plates and dishes when moving? Use our handy step by step guide and learn the best way to pack your plates and dishes into boxes, and assure they survive the move intact. Reinforce the bottom seam with...

moving appliances moving company in Oregon
How to move appliances

  Appliances may be among the most expensive items you’ll have to move. Take the time to prepare them for moving adequately, so they stay intact during the move. Most movers will help with preparing your appliances for moving, but if you decide to do it yourself,...

moving with kids seattle moving company in Oregon
A Guide to Moving with Kids

Moving with Kids For adults, even though stressful, moving to a new home it's usually filled with anticipation and excitement.  On the other hand, children need the support and understanding of the family to avoid seeing the move as a traumatic experience. Moving is considered by many...

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Items you should never move yourself

There are certain items in every household you should never try to move yourself, even if you are trying to cut expenses. Heavy or delicate items, such as kitchen appliances, large pieces of furniture, art objects or musical instruments should be handled only by moving...

moving day do not forget moving company in Oregon
Essential “Do Not Forget” on Moving Day

Leave space for the moving truck to park on your driveway, or as close as possible to the house.  If your belongings need to be carried for longer distances than the norm, you may get charged extra for it (unless the moving company was aware...

North American Moda international moving company in Oregon
It’s high season for moving

Summertime is prime time for moving. With kids out of school, longer days and better weather, it is the time most families plan to move. However it's also the time moving companies get swamped. At Moda Moving, we anticipate the extra demand and we are prepared to...

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