What You Should Know About Your Movers

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04 Mar What You Should Know About Your Movers

We are so proud of our moving crews. Everyday, they get complimented on their hard work, efficiency and moving skills. From maneuvering heavy furniture down tight staircases, stacking everything just right, to getting moves done in impossibly short time frames, our moving crews are everyday superheroes.

Here are some of the things we want you to consider, to make moving day a success.

Don’t pack boxes that are too large or too heavy

They are not just difficult to cary, but insane to stack in the moving van, as they may crush other things around them. Our movers are aware of this, and may choose to repack, but as that takes extra time, it may also add to your billable hours. Refreshments are always appreciated, especially on a hot or cold day.

Let them know about your fragile or special items.

Label all boxes carefully and let them know what needs special care and attention.

If they did a really good job, please show your appreciation.

Movers will not ask for a tip, but it’s customary to tip for local moves. A good rule of thumb is $5 per mover per hour. If you cannot afford it, you can express your gratitude by leaving a good review for your crew with the Moda Moving coordinator. We reward good job performance and always care to know how our movers did.

Check for damaged items right away.

We carry insurance for unintended damages, but six weeks later may be too late for us to submit a claim. Same for reports of property damage. We have repair people ready to come fix it, but please let us know right away.

Consider moving your small, expensive valuables yourself.

As much as the movers try to assure the safety of your belongings, moving day is generally hectic. There will likely be others besides our movers helping out, and the movers can’t watch everything at all times. It’s best that you assure the safety of your valuable by moving them yourself.

Let the movers do their job!

You may think adding a couple of friends to help out on moving day keeps billable hours and costs down. Quite the opposite; if you are working with a professional moving crew it’s best to just get out of the way. They can’t enlist anyone else to carry the items that need to be moved, as it would be unsafe and often counterproductive. Your friends can help with packing, taking care of kids, pets or running other errands.

Keep calm.

Things and situations do get out of hand. From bad traffic, to unexpected incidents, our super movers can’t quite control everything. They do their best to be on time and stay on time, but for the occasional slip, please be gracious, as well as considerate effort.

There are some things movers can’t do!

Please be aware there are certain things your movers just can’t do, because of safety concerns and/or state regulations. For one, you can’t ride in the moving truck. Pets can’t either. We can’t transport flammables or hazardous chemicals such as paint thinners, fertilizers, or insecticides.  Make sure to have alternate arrangements. If in doubt, contact your moving coordinator before moving day.

Let us know in advance all the particulars of your move or changing circumstances.

We can adequately plan for your needs with a bit of a heads up. Is the elevator in your building no longer working?? Are you not quite ready with the packing and need some extra help? Is the moving truck not able to park next to your home or building? Do you have a lot more boxes than originally estimated? Let us know as soon as possible.

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