Move in the Spring and Save more than 30% on your Moving Costs

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26 Mar Move in the Spring and Save more than 30% on your Moving Costs


While summer may seem like the most convenient season for families to move, it is also the busiest and most expensive. During the summer months, most moving companies are extremely busy.  If pricing is a consideration, book your move before the summer rush to get a better moving rate.

There are many reasons why moving in the spring is more advantageous, to both movers and customers.

Portland Movers are able to better address your local moving need– Portland moving companies and their movers prefer off season moving, mainly because they are less busy, and thus able to better coordinate your move.  When movers are not fully booked, there is less pressed to keep to a schedule, so they can  allocate more time, resources and individual attention to your move.

Lower temperatures make physical work less demanding on the body  – The lower temperatures in the spring makes it possible for the movers to work more efficiently, especially when a lot of hauling is involved.  Going up and down the stairs is a lot easier when you don’t have to wipe your brow.

One reason why Portland residents may not consider a spring move is the chance of rain, as we still get the occasional spring shower. However, having moved households for over 70 years, at Moda Moving, we know a thing or two about moving in the rain.

Greater choice of moving dates – When you move off season, you have a better chance for your desired move date to be available. Not to mention, you’ll have all summer to get settled in and enjoy your new home!

Less traffic and chances to get delayed – We all know it, summer roads are busy.  There are millions more cars, truck and RV on the road in the summer than in the spring. Local traffic gets congested too, delaying deliveries and making them statistically less safe.

Better moving rates – For most households, the savings of moving off season can be significant.  With the peek moving season starting June 1st, if you have the flexibility to schedule your move for a date before, you are more likely to get a deal and can save up to 30% from your moving costs. This is true for both local moving in the Portland area and long distance in-state or out of state moving.

Are you moving this spring? Contact our friendly Portland movers today and save.

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