Essential “Do Not Forget” on Moving Day

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03 Jul Essential “Do Not Forget” on Moving Day

  • Leave space for the moving truck to park on your driveway, or as close as possible to the house.  If your belongings need to be carried for longer distances than the norm, you may get charged extra for it (unless the moving company was aware of this special circumstance and they included it in your quote).
  • Notify your neighbors of the move.  Moving creates disturbances, and more noise and traffic than otherwise. It’s only polite to let them know of your moving day plans in advance.
  • If the moving van blocks anyone’s driveway access, ask for their permission, and let them know how long you estimate the van will be there.
  • If the moving truck blocks street access, you may have to get a city permit – call the local authorities and find out what the rules are. The movers will not risk a fine, so unless you show them you have a permit, do not expect them to take any chances. Unless you have a permit, they will only park where it’s legal to.  If that’s far from your house or apartment, it could result in additional extra charges.
  • Remember to check your “hiding places”  and collect all your treasures before turning in the keys. Remind your kids and other family members to do the same.  If you are like most people, you have found some good secret hiding places, from under floor boards to chimney spaces, to built in cabinets. Have a final treasure hunt before closing the door behind you, and check them all.
  • Read the electric, gas and water meters just in case. You don’t want to pay for somebody’s else’s energy consumption.
  • Drain the gas from your lawnmower, chainsaw or any other tools that run on gas before loading it into the moving truck. Movers are not allowed to transport any flammables or hazardous items.
  • Consume as much of your perishables from your fridge in the days leading up to moving day. The day before, remember to defrost the freezer and clean it along with the refrigerator.
  • Pack a first night box of essentials: bedsheets, blankets, towels, pajamas, toiletries, snacks, etc. to get you through the first night and to allow you to postpone unpacking until the next morning.
  • Have important documents on hand – insurance cards, registrations, IDs, etc
  • Do not forget your medication – for peace of mind it’s best to have it on you, instead of the moving truck
  • Charge your phones fully before the day starts, so you are able to communicate with the movers, and friends and family as the day goes on.
  • If you are renting, remember to make arrangements with the landlord for a final inspection and to turn in the keys.
  • If you were a tenant, take detailed pictures of your old place before you leave: in case of any complaints from your former landlord, you’ll be able to show how the place looked when you left.
  • Be ready to do some last minute cleanup and fixes, in case walls or other things get damaged in the move
  • Have a plan for the kids and pets for moving day – a house that’s being packed and moved is not a safe place for either.
  • Arrange for refreshments and snacks for your family and whoever is helping you out with the move
  • Collect spare keys from neighbors or your hiding places, and leave them behind.
  • Leave the garage openers behind for the new owners
  • Do a final check before the moving van leave, to assure nothing is left behind
  • Find a way to dispose of the trash – leave it with a neighbor, or even take it with you. Don’t leave it in the house, unless the new occupants are aware and agreed to dispose of it come moving day.
  • Lock doors and windows – it’s obvious to anyone who saw the moving van that the house will be empty for at least a day.  Avoid vandalism and theft by locking up all the doors and windows.
  • Have the keys for the new place ready, and try to arrive before the movers – that way you don’t pay extra for the time they wait for you to give them access to unload.
  • When the the moving van arrives at destination, check the inventory carefully, and the condition of each item.
  • Make sure you have a reasonable amount of cash with you, for emergencies, and for tipping your hard working movers.

Have a safe and easy moving day!

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