It’s high season for moving

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28 May It’s high season for moving

Summertime is prime time for moving. With kids out of school, longer days and better weather, it is the time most families plan to move. However it’s also the time moving companies get swamped.

At Moda Moving, we anticipate the extra demand and we are prepared to accommodate the increased demand for our moving services. Still, it’s a good idea to schedule your move as soon as you have decided on the approximate time frame for your move. If your moving date and time are not flexible, we recommend that you schedule your move at least six weeks in advance.

Why schedule your move in advance

  • When you schedule your moving date early on, you’ll have more available dates to pick from. Any mover has a limited number of moving crews and moving trucks. As moving dates get booked, it’s only a cancellation or reschedule that will allow us to accommodate a new customer. Same hold true for any moving company, and you do not want to put your move in the hands of an inexperienced or less than reputable mover.
  • When you book your move some time in advance, we are able to get the moving crew that best suits your particular moving needs. All our crews are highly trained and experienced. But some are better able to handle special circumstances, like moving a piano, or moving to a high-rise, moving seniors, or moving families with young children. Our moving coordinators take these into consideration and when you’re booking early, are better able to select the crew that best handles your particular moving challenges.
  • When you have booked your move early, you give yourself more time to get organized for moving day. Booking a convenient moving date it’s the first important step for a successful move. We’ll give you handy moving tips and suggestions to help you get ready for your move.

Call today to book your summer move with Moda Moving, a trusted Portland mover!  Our moving coordinators will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding our moving company and the services we offer and help you plan for a successful moving day.

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