How to pack dishes when moving

How to pack dishes for moving moving company in Oregon

30 Nov How to pack dishes when moving

Do you know that the correct way to pack plates and dishes when moving? Use our handy step by step guide and learn the best way to pack your plates and dishes into boxes, and assure they survive the move intact.

  1. Reinforce the bottom seam with extra tape;
  2. Add about 3″ of crumpled up packing paper at the bottom of the box for extra padding;
  3. Wrap each plate individually. Lay the plate on top of packing paper and fold edges in towards the middle of the plate;
  4. Arrange the plates in the box vertically, like you would when loading the dishwasher;
  5. Fill each box completely
  6. Fill any any empty space left around the plates or on top of them with crumpled up packing paper.
  7. Tape the box shut. Label it with its contents or as “Fragile” and draw an arrow to show which side is up.

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